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Hello there!
My name is Emma and I love cats.
=^. .^=


Anonymous asked: 23, 34, 46 :D

23: Someone I love
I love my parents. I am so grateful for how supportive they are of me. I remember back in October of 2011, I called my mom and told her I wanted to study abroad in Australia. My mom’s response: “Great! When are you leaving?” I love how they let me make my own decisions, yet guide me to where I need to be.

34: An embarrassing moment
There was this awful moment last summer where I was walking down about 3 flights of stairs. I fell down the first flight, suffering a minor injury. I got back up, continued going down the stairs and fell again - not once but TWICE. So I fell down the stairs three times. Didn’t help that 5 people kept asking if I was okay.

46: A photo of myself.

Here I am holding a crown conch!!

Ask me one of these?! :)